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Publications du Dr Delphine RAULT

Publications du Dr Delphine RAULT


Dr Delphine RAULT, Vérérinaire DipECVDI


Guillaume Gory, Jerome Couturier, Eddy Cauvin, Corinne Fleury-Fournel, Laurent Couturier, Delphine Rault. Nervous system lymphoma with sciatic nerve involvement in two cats diagnosed using computed tomography and ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration. Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift. 2014;83(3), p107-112.

Laure Gatel, Guillaume Gory, Benjamin De Pauw, Delphine Rault. Diagnosis and ultrasound-guided retrieval of a vaginal foreign body in a dog and a cat. Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift. 2014;83(2), p53-59.

Guillaume Gory, Delphine Rault, Laure Gatel, Claire Dally, Patrick Belli, Laurent Couturier, Eddy Cauvin. Ultrasonographic characteristics of the abdominal esophagus and cardia in dogs. Vet Radiol Ultrasound. 2014.DOI: 10.1111/vru.12156.

L. Gatel, E. Rosset, K. Chalvet-Monfray, S. Buff, DN Rault. Relationships between fetal biometry, maternal factors and birth weight of purebred domestic cat kittens. Theriogenology

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Textbook de gastroentérologie en collaboratiion avec le Dr P. Lecoindre

Couturier J, Rault D, Cauzinille L. Chiari-like malformation and syringomyelia in normal cavalier King Charles spaniels: a multiple diagnostic imaging approach. J Small Anim Pract. 2008 Sep;49(9):438-43.

Rédaction de nombreux articles dans Pratique Vét et Nouveau Praticien Vétérinaire (2005, 2006, 2007)

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